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Can CBD aid your lack of sleep?

Can CBD aid your lack of sleep?

  • Jordan Morrison

Can CBD Help with My Lack of Sleep?

Getting enough sleep is crucial to having a good day. The recharge that the body receives promotes alertness and functionality allowing for better productivity and decision making. Worrying about issues or having conditions such as insomnia can interfere with your sleeping patterns, which prevents you from getting enough sleep or getting any sleep at all.

Once you find yourself in this category, you may begin to consider solutions to this problem such as Cannabidiol (CBD), which is known to reduce factors such as anxiety and stress. Does this mean it can help you sleep better? The relationship between CBD oil and sleep is explored below.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is a phytocannabinoid, which is a molecule that is synthesized by the cannabis plant (there are 113 such molecules in total). This is extracted and used to treat various ailments in human beings. Treatment options come in the form of dried cannabis, a liquid solution, capsules, or CBD oil. These options are usually taken orally, but it is important to note that other methods of administration such as smoke, vapor, or spray exist.


Does CBD Oil Help You Sleep Better?

Please note that research around this matter is not yet conclusive. However, it has been used as a natural method of tackling insomnia successfully. This is as a result of CBD’s interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is made up of neurotransmitters that populate the central and peripheral nervous systems. It regulates bodily processes such as mood, memory and use of phytocannabinoids such as CBD.

As a result, the body can use CBD oil to reduce anxiety, which promotes awareness, alertness, and calm. This helps to combat conditions such as insomnia and even factors resulting in illnesses such as Parkinson’s Disease. Additionally, research suggests there is a possibility that the moderation of a person’s mood may even result in a stabilization in the erratic patters of REM sleep.

Apart from anxiety reduction, CBD oil also improves your body’s response to chronic stress. This means that bodily functions associated with short, necessary stress responses such as fight-or-flight reactions stay intact. However, prolonged episodes, which release harmful chemicals to the body are mitigated.

While research is still yet to be concluded, the results so far combined with the fact that CBD oil is known to combat and reduce anxiety and stress forecast positive results for the use of it as a remedy for those who struggle with sleep.